Designs/  Milan Pop-up

Milan Pop-up
Model No. 35001
Series: OTHER
Grid: 600 mm
Verification: not structurally checked.
Notes: Tested on a small, indoor environment. While very successful, you should probably still verify and test as much as possible before using the no-bolts system at a larger scale.
Moderation status: approved.

A micro test house which was built during Milan design week, April 2012. Does not conform to any series. It was the first experiment with a zero-bolts system. Result: The zero-bolts connections were very successful; made the overrall structure considerably more robust, as well as significantly reducing assembly time. However, one thing to note: the wedged joints does not prevent the frame pieces from popping out sideways slightly (not to a point where the structure would fail, but by 1-2mm). So an improvement might be to introduce a further little 'C' clamp which holds the two F layers together. Thanks to Hacked Milan and La Rinescente. Video below by Alice Masters.
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