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About WikiHouse

The WikiHouse project was started as an exploration into how the web could be used to transform the way we make homes.

Between now and 2050, as a society, we face a huge construction challenge: not only do we need to build millions of homes, schools and other buildings, but those buildings need to be low-energy, low-carbon and built to maximise our wellbeing.

Our current construction methods are simply not fit for this purpose. They are slow, unpredictable, wasteful, energy and carbon intensive and require huge amounts of skilled labour.


When we think of alternatives to these methods, we tend to think of solutions that require large, expensive, centralised manufacturing facilities, producing one-size-fits-all modular homes. What’s referred to as ‘Industry 3.0’. These are great for large projects by large companies, but not so great for small, custom projects.

But what if we could also set up digital microfactories for a fraction of the cost: a network of local manufacturers, sharing common solutions using the web? A distributed, flexible supply chain. ‘Industry 4.0’

WikiHouse is the first building system designed for that kind of ecosystem. Ultimately, it is rooted not in any one particular technology, but in a few fundamental design principles.

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