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WikiHouse R&D files are currently shared on GitHub, here. Please report issues and fork the files to improve or adapt them. Please make sure you read the terms of use here.

There’s also a WikiHouse Slack community, where you can connect with other teams that are developing, testing or using WikiHouse technology. All are welcome. The only thing contributors have in common is a shared drive to test and improve our shared technology, so together we can put the tools to build low-cost, high-performance, sustainable homes into the hands of everyone. Join here.

Please don’t forget to read the Terms of Use and the Community Code of Conduct.


We aim to develop a distributed supply chain of WikiHouse Approved Suppliers, providing a range of services including design, structural engineering, CNC manufacturing, siteworks (including installation of foundations), construction management and assembly. These companies will have a non-exclusive right to provide WikiHouse Approved products and services, and will receive orders / customers from

If you are interested in becoming one of these Approved Suppliers, you can register your interest here.

Open Challenges

These are the top project R&D challenges. If you think you can contribute to tackling them, please join the community or get in touch with us.

1. Blackbird structural engineers guide Documentation to help structural engineers understand, perform calculations and check designs that use WikiHouse Blackbird. If you are a qualified structural engineer and you can help with this, please get in touch.

2. Blackbird physical testing Structural, fire, thermal and airtightness tests on WikiHouse Blackbird structures and components using a range of panel products, with methodologies and results documented and shared in a scientific manner. 

3. Zero scaffolding Developing a safe, economical assembly procedure that allows all WikiHouse Blackbird assemblies to use only platforms or lifts, rather than scaffolding, which adds considerable delay.

4. Service ‘looms’ Developing details, methods and products that make if fast and easy to fit services (electrical, water, ventilation) into the Blackbird chassis in a way that minimises on-site delays and critical pathways, and allows maintenance during life. We are especially interested in companies doing this in the UK.

5. Create a global map or library of WikiHouse projects There is currently no complete historical record of all the prototypes and building projects that have used WikiHouse or sub-variants around the world. This challenge would require a researcher interested in tracking back, through data, interviews and interactive tools to try to find them.

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