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The future of building.
By everyone, for everyone.


WikiHouse is a digitally-manufactured building system. It aims to make it simple for anyone to design, manufacture and assemble beautiful, high-performance homes that are customised to their needs. 

1  Digital design

WikiHouse is an adaptable system of standardised parts. This means each house can be unique without costing more. One size doesn’t need to fit all

2  Local fabrication

WikiHouse doesn’t need a large, expensive factory. Components are manufactured by a network of local microfactories using digital fabrication tools.

Rapid assembly

Homes can be rapidly assembled to millimetre precision, like a flat-pack. Almost anyone can do it; including small businesses and self-builders.

Typical performance comparison

Concrete, brick & block

build cost   £1100-1600/m2
project cost certainty  low
construction time 6-9 months
construction skill level high
U-value 0.3 W/m2K
Air leakage 8-10 m3 /h.m2
Carbon footprint  350-500 kgCO2/m2 
Reuseable components 0-10%


build cost £1100-1600/m2
project cost certainty  medium-high
construction time  8-12 weeks
construction skill level low
U-value 0.15 W/m2K
Air leakage 1-3 m3/h.m
Carbon footprint  150-250 kgCO2/m2
Reuseable components 80-90%

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