Assembly manual service

£300+VAT / day
Most small projects require 1-3 days.
Only available to projects in the UK.

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When to use this service

We will produce a set of assembly manuals for you or your installation team to use on site.

Use this service if:

  • You already have a 3D chassis design using WikiHouse Skylark blocks.
  • Your chassis design has already been checked and approved by a structural engineer

What you will get

  • A PDF assembly manual that will set out an assembly sequence for your building.

What's not included

  • Any design services
  • Structural checking
  • Site management and CDM
  • In-person site support

Please note that although the manual will set out an assembly sequence, you or your installer will be responsible for precisely how you build your project, and for doing so in a safe, legal way.

You will need

To use this service you will need:

  • Details of your project including your 3D chassis design file (in skp,.3dm, .ifc or .dae format)

What will happen next?

After you submit your form you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

We will contact you to agree a fee for producing your assembly manual before proceeding.

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