Assembly support service

£400+VAT / day
Only available for projects within the UK

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One of our team will join you on-site to provide training, support and guidance to assemble your chassis. This can be especially useful if you're a self-builder working with friends or volunteers, but we can also help train professional assembly teams.

When to use this service

Use this service if:

  • Your project is in the UK
  • You are using WikiHouse Skylark
  • Your design has already been checked and approved by a structural engineer (if building regulations apply to your project).
  • You have a build start date (even if it may change).

What's not included

  • Structural checking
  • Site management, CDM, health & safety training or reporting
  • Although we may get involved building with you from time to time, we cannot entirely assemble your project for you.

You or your installation team will be responsible for building your chassis in a safe, legal way.

You will need

  • To make sure your site is safe, and provide basic welfare facilities (such as a WC)
  • Your own insurance to cover you, your project and your team, as appropriate.
  • Your foundations, blocks, tools and materials to be ready on-site on that date.

What will happen next?

After you submit your form you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

We will contact you to ask any questions, and to agree a provisional date (or dates) and fee before proceeding.

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