Chassis check service

£600+VAT / day
Most small projects require 2-4 days
Only available for projects in the UK

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When to use this service

We will work with a structural engineer to check whether your chassis design meets the structural requirement of building regulations in the UK. They will also provide capacity limits and requirements for your foundations designer.

Read more about meeting building regulations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Use this service if:

  • Your project is located within the UK.
  • You have already prepared a chassis design using standard WikiHouse Skylark blocks.
  • Your design has 2 storeys or fewer.
  • Your design includes lateral walls every 5.5m or less.
  • Your design does not include any double-height spaces, except over a staircase.

If your project lies outside these parameters you will need to find a structural engineer.

What you will get

  • A report from a structural engineer which you can give to your building inspector.
  • A summary of loading capacity limits and foundation load requirements.

You will need

To use this service you will need:

  • A 3D model of your Skylark chassis.
  • The precise location of your site
  • A site plan if you have one.
  • To tell us how the building will be used.

What will happen next?

After you submit your form you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

  1. We will pre-check your design based on the information you have sent us. If the design looks workable, we will contact you to agree a fee before proceeding. If it looks like it may be more complex, we will recommend some possible ways to proceed.
  1. A structural engineer will produce a set of calculations to check your design.
  2. If the design meets requirements, we will send you the engineer's reports.
  3. If it looks like changes are needed to the design, we will contact you to share the engineer's findings. You can then pass these to your design team, or engage us to make changes to the chassis (under a separate fee, to be agreed at the time.)
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