Custom R&D service

£300+VAT / day
A price will be agreed with you in advance before proceeding.

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When to use this service

We will work with you to design (and, if necessary, test) new custom Skylark blocks that are not in the block library, new standard details or even custom building types (such as a standardised house type).

Use this service if:

  • Your project is based on WikiHouse Skylark.
  • The solution you want us to develop could, in theory, be re-used on multiple sites.

You will need

To use this service you will need:

  • Details of your project, including and drawings, sketches, models, site plans, specifications or requirements.
  • Someone to act as project architect and structural engineer for any specific project on a specific site.

What will happen next?

After you submit your form you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

We will contact you to arrange a video call with you to discuss your project and agree a fee before proceeding.

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