WikiHouse is an open source project, powered by contributions from a global community of architects, designers, engineers, scientists, organisers and entrepreneurs who are using WikiHouse and contributing to its development. Here are some of the ways you can contribute.
Structural testing at BRE, Watford, 2021

Submit feedback

If you have found an issue or have an idea for how we can improve WikiHouse Skylark, just send it to us using our quick feedback form.
Submit feedback
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Submit a new version

If you have made improvements to a Skylark block, have developed new blocks, or even a whole new product that you think we might want to merge into the main library, you can either create a fork on Github, or just send your files to us, along with a description.

Join the Slack community

There is also a WikiHouse Slack community, where you can connect with others who are developing, testing or using WikiHouse technology, and share ideas and updates. All are welcome.

Before you start, don't forget to read the WikiHouse Code of Conduct.
Join the WikiHouse Slack community
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Test it

If you have means to carry out structural, environmental or safety tests on WikiHouse (whether it's tests on individual connections, blocks, or even on whole buildings) please get in touch with us. We would love to add your results or worked examples to a shared pool of test data.
Contact us about testing
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Please do

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Use it

Most WikiHouse files and information are licensed under a Creative Commons–Sharealike licence, so you are free to use, distribute or modify them, including commercially.

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Check it

All WikiHouse information is shared 'as is', without warranties or guarantees of any kind. You are responsible for checking it and using it in a safe and responsible way, for example, getting it checked by a structural engineer.

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Comply with regulations

You are responsible for making sure your project complies with all relevant local regulations, including planning, building codes and health & safety legislation. If in doubt, seek professional advice.

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Re-share your improvements

If you make any improvements to the system, you must publish your files under the same type of open licence. However, you do not need to publish the plans and specifications for individual projects unless you wish to.

Please do not

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Call yourself WikiHouse

Do not call your company, organisation or any marketed product or service 'WikiHouse'. However, you may use the term WikiHouse to talk about the system, and you may describe your project, product, service or organisation as, for example, "using WikiHouse", "based on WikiHouse", "contributing to WikiHouse", or similar.

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Remove notices

Do not remove any licence notices from files if you are re-sharing them.

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Claim to be endorsed

Do not give the impression that you are endorsed by, or affiliated with WikiHouse or Open Systems Lab (unless you are, by written agreement), and do not claim to represent the WikiHouse project or community as a whole.