Frequently asked questions

Getting started

What is WikiHouse?
How much does it cost?
What do the bird names mean?
How does it work?
How do I use the files?
If I use the files, and something goes wrong, who is to blame?
Can I get a mortgage on a home built using WikiHouse?
Can WikiHouse be used anywhere in the world?

Designing with WikiHouse

How tall can I build?
How strong is it?
Is it fire safe?
Can I manufacture it myself?
Can I build it myself?
How fast can I build it?
How easy is it to assemble?

Building with WikiHouse

Can you act as my project architect?
Do I need planning permission?
Will it meet building regulations?
What type of foundations does it need?
What type of cladding can it support?
Is it possible to leave the plywood exposed on the inside?
What heating systems are suitable?
Why can't I download designs for specific houses?
Which material is better, ply or OSB?
How do you insulate it?

Getting involved

If it's open source, how can companies make money?
Can I use WikiHouse commercially?
Can I set up a company providing products or services called 'WikiHouse' or similar?
How do I become a WikiHouse provider?
Can I set up a local WikiHouse chapter in my country?
Can I create a new WikiHouse building system or product?