Community Café

Birmingham, UK
A community space in Cotteridge Park. Staffed by volunteers, it’s the base for all the activities that go on in the park.

Architect: Axis Design Architects
Timber frame contractor: Pulp Build
CNC operator: Chop Shop

South Yorkshire Housing Association

Sheffield, UK
The first WikiHouse built by a housing association.

Manufacturer: Chop Shop
Architect: Architecture 00

The Gantry at Here East

London, UK
23 affordable studios and creative work spaces in Hackney Wick, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Architect: Architecture 00

Huaxia Star Library

Hebei, China
A school library at Er-tai primary school in Hebei province, northern China.

Architect: Dot Architects


Scotland, UK
A garage and writing studio built on the west coast of Scotland for a private client. It was assembled in one week by the owner and a group of volunteers working with a local builder.
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Micro house

Excluding installation and VAT. Estimate only, based on example specification.
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A small cabin for temporary accommodation or rural retreats

With the rise of platforms like AirBnB, tourism has changed. Instead of owning a holiday home, or staying in hotels, more of us are choosing to rent cabins to escape for a few days. This is also driving increased expectations generally. The rather ugly, and often cold static caravans of the past increasingly don't meet these expectations.

That isn't the only kind of demand we've been seeing for this kind of micro home. The first version of this design pattern was actually developed for an organisation that provides temporary accommodation for people who find themselves homeless. The fundamental needs are similar: a place that provides warmth and comfort, but also feels restorative to spend time in. A home from home.


The chassis has 200mm of insulation in the walls and floor, and more in the roof, making it better insulated than most homes.

Static or mobile

The micro house can be built as:

  • A fixed-in place structure, using minimal foundations, such as ground screws (which can be removed later, leaving minimal footprint on the land),
  • A relocatable structure which can be assembled offsite then relocated by crane or
  • A relocatable structure built onto a trailer-bed, which can be relocated by towing.

Park homes

If your project is intended to fall within the UK 'Park Homes' legislation (The Caravans Act 2013), you will need to use the variant with a lower internal ceiling height.

Design flexibility

As with many WikiHouse Skylark structures, windows can be positioned in different possible locations. You can also use any cladding (for example, corrugated metal), internal finishes, furniture or decor.

An extra sleeping space

The design includes an additional 'loft' space which can be used as an additional sleeping space for children, or guests.

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Micro house

Excluding installation, site works and VAT. Estimate only, based on example specification.


Upfront carbon cost
Internal floor area
Suitable for
UK, Europe, North America
Uses some custom blocks
Last updated
April 18, 2024


Cutting files for many blocks can be found in our block library. If this design uses custom blocks that are not in the library yet, you can engage our design team to create them for you.
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