An experimental campaign was conducted at the Structures Laboratory of Imperial College London to characterize the performance of Skylark floor beams made of OSB. Three different section heights and spans were investigated, labelled XXS, S and L, respectively. Specimens were tested in a 4 point bending test configuration, and the capacity and stiffness of the beams were characterized. All specimens showed a brittle failure because of the tensile failure at the bottom of specimens' web. In the second part, Euler-Bernoulli formulation was adopted to model the beams vertical displacements. Comparison with the experimental results show that the analytical model appears capturing fairly well the behaviour of the XXS and S specimens. However, the model overestimates the deflection of L specimens.


G. Granello, E. Yang, Z. Zhang, O. Ogunkuade, C. Malaga
OSL, Imperial College London
September 19, 2023