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If you have a design already, we can give you feedback on whether it will work with the WikiHouse system. If you want to, you can then engage us to suggest how you would need to modify your design.

When to use this service

Use this service if you already have a design and you'd like some feedback about whether it will work with WikiHouse.

How it works

1. When you contact us, please send any models or drawings, along with a description of your project.

2. We will contact you with feedback and, if appropriate to arrange a video call. If, after that, you do want us to engage in further work to modify the design to work with the WikiHouse system, a scope and fee will be agreed between us in advance.

What's not included

This service does not include further design work to adapt your design, but you can engage us to do this.

You will need

  • Any sketches, drawings or 3D models you have.
  • A brief description of your project.
If you're interested in this service, or you're wondering about whether WikiHouse is right for your project, get in touch.
Contact us about your project