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We can help provide guidance on the best way to plan and procure larger projects or building programmes, including setting-up local supply chains.

When to use this service

This service is most useful to housing associations, community organisations, local authorities, businesses or other non-profit organisations who are looking to build multiple homes or buildings. As well as working out how to use WikiHouse on a large volume of projects, you may also be interested in setting up a local supply chain, with a view to creating a resilient supply, building replicable knowledge and skills to reduce costs and increase speed, and to support local businesses and employment.

How it works

What's not included

We cannot provide financial or legal advice. We can provide you with the information, materials and tools to help you deliver your project successfully, and share learnings from others.

You will need

If you're interested in this service, or you're wondering about whether WikiHouse is right for your project, get in touch.
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