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Based on your design, we can develop a precise 3D model, materials list, cutting files and assembly manual for your WikiHouse chassis (the raw structure).

When to use this service

You can use this service at any point. We recommend devoloping a chassis model as early as possible in the process, but most people only get us to develop the detailed cutting files and assembly manuals once it has been checked by an engineer and they know the design will no longer change. We can work through this process with you and your team.

How it works

1. Tell us about your project, sharing any sketches, drawings, models of your project.
2. We will line up a call with you to discuss what changes, if any, are needed to the design to make WikiHouse work and to agree a price for designing your WikiHouse chassis.
3. We can work directly with your designer and structural engineer to find a solution that works.
4. We will develop any custom blocks, if needed.
5. We will send you a 3D model, cutting list, cutting files (if needed) and an assembly manual for your finished design.

What's not included

This service does not include:

  • Checking that your layout is compliant with all building and planning regulations
  • Structural check and sign-off (Although we will keep this in mind when designing your chassis, and can work with your structural engineer as required if you already have one)
  • Manufacturing or assembling your chassis
  • Full detailed design and specification for other elements including foundations, cladding, windows and fit out.

You will need

Any sketches, models or drawings or your proposed design.

If you're interested in this service, or you're wondering about whether WikiHouse is right for your project, get in touch.
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