What is WikiHouse?

WikiHouse is a timber-based main structural framing system. WikiHouse blocks are modular and made from CNC cut sheet material - either plywood or OSB3. The blocks are zero-carbon and fully filled with insulation.

The design files for the WikiHouse blocks can be downloaded for free on our website by anyone, anywhere, via the Block Library. It is important to note that it is your own responsibility to ensure that the block system is used in a safe, responsible and regulation compliant way (see WikiHouse terms). 

The latest version of WikiHouse is called ‘Skylark’, and is designed as a cassette system with all timber connections and rapid to assemble. Skylark comes in two series - Skylark200 and Skylark250. The 200 series is a slimmer and lighter version for smaller structures, and 250 is for more substantial builds that require higher thermal and structural performance. More information on the two system types is in Designing for WikiHouse.

Is WikiHouse for me?

WikiHouse is suitable for most project types, but not everything. Please refer to the section where & when to use WikiHouse for more detail.

What’s not included with WikiHouse

Everything outside the WikiHouse chassis is up to you or your designer to decide and determine. If you would like help with factors such as regulation compliance, coordination of consultant information, management of health and safety information etc. we can recommend an expert from our network to you who will be able to offer support & guidance.

You might need an appointed Designer

There are many possibilities for how your WikiHouse design might look. 

If you’re interested in designing a project for yourself, please review our guidance ‘Start Your Project’. This sets out the key roles and responsibilities required to design your project & get it built.

We can help you to find an expert designer from our network to guide you through all the necessary steps and ensure your project is regulation compliant & fully coordinated. Our network of providers should cater to all project types, and can support your project if it is going to be built by you, or if you prefer a more hands-off approach to design and construction.

Here at WikiHouse, we are on hand for advice related to your Skylark structure, and when you’re ready, we can create your detailed chassis model including any bespoke features, corresponding cutting files for manufacture and a step-by-step assembly guide. We can also check your own 3D structural chassis model if you prefer to make this yourself. Head over to our services page when you’re ready!

You’re likely to need an appointed Structural Engineer

WikiHouse frames should be checked by a qualified Structural Engineer. The structural engineer will be responsible for ensuring that the WikiHouse chassis is structurally designed for the specific local conditions and regulations, and for providing a structural engineering report. We can help you find an experienced consultant from our providers network, or inform your local consultant about our guidance for Structural Engineers, which they can use to understand and check your design. 

For straightforward, smaller structures using only the standard Skylark blocks, we’ve partnered with some UK Structural Engineers to offer a ‘Fast Track Engineering Service’, which is targeted to offer a consultancy service for lower fees and a simpler turnaround for structural sign-off. 

Please do

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Use it

Most WikiHouse files and information are licensed under a Creative Commons–Sharealike licence, so you are free to use, distribute or modify them, including commercially.

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Check it

All WikiHouse information is shared 'as is', without warranties or guarantees of any kind. You are responsible for checking it and using it in a safe and responsible way, for example, getting it checked by a structural engineer.

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Comply with regulations

You are responsible for making sure your project complies with all relevant local regulations, including planning, building codes and health & safety legislation. If in doubt, seek professional advice.

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Re-share your improvements

If you make any improvements to the system, you must publish your files under the same type of open licence. However, you do not need to publish the plans and specifications for individual projects unless you wish to.

Please do not

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Call yourself WikiHouse

Do not call your company, organisation or any marketed product or service 'WikiHouse'. However, you may use the term WikiHouse to talk about the system, and you may describe your project, product, service or organisation as, for example, "using WikiHouse", "based on WikiHouse", "contributing to WikiHouse", or similar.

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Remove notices

Do not remove any licence notices from files if you are re-sharing them.

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Claim to be endorsed

Do not give the impression that you are endorsed by, or affiliated with WikiHouse or Open Systems Lab (unless you are, by written agreement), and do not claim to represent the WikiHouse project or community as a whole.