In order to have a common framework for understanding and talking about the system, we can break it down into a hierarchy of nested structural units:

   Materials →  Blocks + Connections → Assemblies → Building


Materials are the as-purchased products that Skylark is made from, specifically 18mm structural plywood or OSB, along with any fixings.


Blocks are sub-assemblies that form the LEGO-like building blocks of a building, for example 'WALL M' or 'FLOOR M'.

View and download blocks from the blocks library


Elements that connect the blocks with each other. The main connector is the bow tie.


Assemblies are combinations of blocks that together form a significant element of a building (such as a wall or floor). This concept aims to make it simpler to understand and test the behaviour of the whole system, when many interlocking parts are working together in sometimes complex ways.


In this guide we have shared data obtained through testing at every level of this hierarchy. All data is shared under an open licence, with no warranties, but is documented as transparently as possible (along with its provenance) to give you as much information as possible and to drill down into any level of detail.

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All WikiHouse information is shared 'as is', without warranties or guarantees of any kind. You are responsible for checking it and using it in a safe and responsible way, for example, getting it checked by a structural engineer.

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You are responsible for making sure your project complies with all relevant local regulations, including planning, building codes and health & safety legislation. If in doubt, seek professional advice.

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If you make any improvements to the system, you must publish your files under the same type of open licence. However, you do not need to publish the plans and specifications for individual projects unless you wish to.

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